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Join our membership program to find work in real time day to day via text and email.
Cleaning, HHA, Housekeeping, Babysitting, Companion, and more.



Advertise your (services) with us today to find "clients" for both homes & offices.

  • You will be "notified" via text or email in real time day to day.
  • You will be the first to know about these clients in real time as we get them through out your membership.
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  • Click on (learn more?) above to see "tips" on how to be successful with this program.
  • To see "detail" information on how we advertise your services click on (membership info.) below.
  • You may also join our Affiliate Program and you can receive a check for your referrals every month!
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    The Internet exposure is optional and not all of our members are listed online.

    *Tips on how to achieve success with AckFast.com*

    1. Announce to everyone that you come in contact with, that they can find you online @ ackfast.com for when they need your services
    2. It is very important to have your online profile rated by your previous employers to demonstrate the quality of your work.  Ask them to go to www.AckFast.com and click on "place job ads" then feedback.
    3. For your profile to say Active we would need to have on filed a copy of your picture ID (must be valid) and a bill to show proof of address. (The bill doesn’t have to be under your name).  Email it to:  service@ackfast.com or by mail at: 260 Chester Street Brooklyn, NY 11212.

    4. Please keep in mind this is a form of advertising so, what you write about your services has to be impressive.  You may need to revisit your profile as often as you can to update the page for better results.  For updates:  Email the information to: service@ackfast.com
    5. Direct people or employers to your webpage at either:

           Page 1. http://ackfast.com/members.p1.asp
           Page 2. http://ackfast.com/members.P2.asp
           Page 3. http://ackfast.com/members.P3.asp

    6. Create business cards or flyers with your webpage address on it.  And perhaps our office number as well as an alternative for when someone is trying to locate you.

    7. Adding a picture to your online profile can be very helpful for someone to select you. 

    8. Please keep in mind the more information you would display about your services the easier it would be for someone or an employer to select you. 

    9. It is highly recommended for you to attend our monthly workshop to learn more ideas on how to become successful in your field and also to meet like minded people—a great way to network.
    10. Share your success with others and send us your testimonials!

    11. Please feel free to (donate) to this program:  Click here

    12. Click on related (banners) that are of interest to you and also check the resource section for information that could be of importance.  Click here
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      Good luck and all the best!
      The Marketing Team

    Testimonials—our back to work program.

    02, 2012

    When I first came to one of the AckFast.com seminars, I did not know what to expect.

    I was greeted kindly and professionally by Mr. Mikado.  As he held his presentation, I became very interested in the services that AckFast provides to not only the members, but also the surrounding community.

    Within one week's time, AckFast.com had sent me out for my first interview.  Shortly thereafter, I received a call for my second interview with the same company.  Although we were waiting for a decision on the position; Mr. Mikado and his staff continued to work hard to find suitable employment for me as quickly as possible.

    I am very pleased to say that within no time at all, AckFast had found a position that was suitable for me.  After my interview with another AckFast.com client, I was hired on the spot. I am in a beautiful office with wonderful people and making great money.

    If it were not for AckFast.com, I may be still looking for work.

    I owe AckFast.com a great deal of gratitude.

    Thank you all at AckFast.com, you're the greatest.

    A. Hemingway

    01, 2012

    Dear Mr. Mikado:

    I am typing you a letter of recommendation for AckFast.com the cleaning agency.
    I am very satisfied with this new agency that was advertised in the newspaper.
    Everyone of the workers are good and sincere in their work.


    Aliza Frayda Pilchick

    28, 2011

    My name is Shirley Siu.  I met with Mr. Mikado in his office in Manhattan.  Their services are so great! I felt so respected and comfortable with them.  And with their help I was able to obtain work right away—a job that I like very much.  I am so thankful to ACKFAST!

    Shirley Siu

    Feedback—Your feed back is very important to us!     

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